The One Thing

Pastors share their "One Thing"

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:  Pastors in Austin TX

The One Thing

The One Thing is a multi-part series where Pastors answer this one question . . . “What would you tell Men if you could tell them One Thing?”  You should definitely tune in – their answers might surprise you!


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Pete Mueller - Acts Church Lakeway - The Engine of Faith

Matt Blackwell - Austin Stone - Seeking God's Presence

The Everyday Kingdom : 10 Ways to Seek the Kingdom of God Everyday

Rebecca Huffman :

Pastor Chris Turnley : The Tent Church

Pastor Larry Coulter : The Lakeway Church

Pastor Mark Canada : Hill Country Bible Church

Pastor Scott Heare : Lake Travis United Methodist Church

Pastor Monty Watson : The Church at Canyon Creek

Pastor Octavious Bishop : Christian Life Austin

Pastor Ryan Malouff : Expression Church

Pastor Darril Holden : Austin Christian Fellowship

Pastor Gary Dyer : Austin Baptist Church

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