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Stories of Redemption

Testify is a recurring series led by the men from MANUP. The psalmist David said, “Let the redeemed of the Lord tell their Story” and that’s what we’re doing. Our prayer is that their stories of redemption, salvation, and healing become your story too.

Kevin Ginsburg - "Reborn and Remade"

John Parker - "Learning to Trust"

Mark Piening - "Lighten Up"

Scott Crossett - "The Gift of Grace"

Jeff Ball - "Fiercely Dependent"

Russ Stapleton - "Don't Let Yesterday Rob You of Today"

Eric Hehman

Todd Pendleton

John Dorling

Mitch Ellis

Bill Thurston

Todd Throckmorton & Bob Springer

Don Kinnett

MANUP is a non-profit that is solely supported by your generous gifts.

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