Starting Point

8-Part Conversation about Faith

Taught By:  Andy Stanley

Starting Point is an 8-week conversation about Faith.

Starting Point.

Everything has a Starting Point – including your FAITH. 

Starting Point is a group for seekers, skeptics, newbies, and those who’ve lost their way somewhere along the way.  It’s a safe place to bring your doubts, your fears, your hang-ups, and your big questions about all things “Faith and Religion.” 

No question is off limits, and no one gets left behind.
You’re not alone . . . we’re here to help.


Session # 1 : Start

Session # 2 : Problem

Session # 3 : Trust

Session # 4 : Rules

Session # 5 : Jesus

Session # 6 : Grace

Session # 7 : Faith

Session # 8 : Invitation


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