Serve Like Jesus

7-Part MANUP Series

How to Serve Like Jesus in the Everyday Places of Life.


Serve Like Jesus

Finish this sentence, “Jesus came to _____.”

Jesus told his disciples that he came to SERVE.  It was his one-word mission statement that determined his everyday agenda.  Jesus served the rich and the poor, the strong and the weak, the haves and the have not’s.  He served everyone he encountered in the everyday places of life . . . at the table, on the road, at the church, and in their homes.  Serve Like Jesus is a 7-week journey to serving like Jesus in the everyday places of life.

Session # 1 : Serve Like Jesus

Session # 2 : Love Like Jesus

Session # 3 : See Like Jesus

Session # 4 : Listen Like Jesus

Session # 5 : Speak Like Jesus

Session # 6 : Go Like Jesus

Session # 7 : Give Like Jesus (Christmas Communion)

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