12-Part Series

Teacher:  J. Huffman




MANUP is a 12-step guide to becoming a man of God.  Using the scriptures as our guide, we’ll discover what God has to say about the most important arenas in the life of a man.

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Step #1 – Listen to God 

God created man to be perfect in every way but the perfect man had a problem – he didn’t listen to God.  If you want to be a man of God you have to LISTEN to God and DO what he says.  Who are you listening to?

Step #2 – Fight Temptation 

Temptation is an invitation to believe a lie and Adam fell hard for the sins of lust, greed, and pride.  Today’s lesson will equip you with “5 Ways to Fight Temptation.”  If you want to be God’s man you have to fight temptation with TRUTH and MISSION.

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