Love Like Jesus

3-Part Series

Teacher:  J. Huffman



Love Like Jesus

Love Like Jesus is a step-by-step guide to sharing your faith one action at a time.  Using the words of Jesus as our guide, you’ll learn how to love, forgive, restore, and go the extra mile for those that are around you.  If you’re ready to turn your faith into actions – this series is for you!

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Lesson #1 – Love Is. 

What does it mean to Love Like Jesus?  In this lesson we discover that Love is risky, messy, costly, and Godly.  Jesus told his disciples that  Love was the most important commandment and the ONLY way that others would know they were followers of Jesus.  If you’re ready to Love Like Jesus – we can show you how!

Lesson #2 – Love Does 

Not everyone liked the way Jesus loved.  In fact, the religious leaders were furious at the way Jesus interacted with tax collectors and sinners.  To their surprise, Jesus told them a trilogy of stories to demonstrate how much the Heavenly Fathers loves the lost.  Our focus in today’s lesson is the most familiar of the 3 stories – “The Prodigal Son” – but the truths we uncover will make you rethink the extravagant love of the Father for ALL of his children – both the rebel and the prideful!

Lesson #3 – Love Doesn’t 

The “Sermon on the Mount” is the pinnacle text of Jesus teaching us what love is NOT.  He masterfully contrasted the way most people love others with the way that Christians are called to love others.  You’ll be challenged, surprised, and encouraged by the very words of Jesus himself.  Happy listening!

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