Lead Like Jesus

8-Part Series

Teacher:  J. Huffman



Lead Like Jesus

Lead Like Jesus is an 8-part series that will equip and empower you to lead yourself, your family, and your community.  You’ll learn the Biblical truth about leadership and debunk some of the leadership myths you’ve picked up along the way.  Are you ready to Lead Like Jesus?

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#1 – Lead Yourself First 

Leadership is influence and EVERYBODY has influence!  But here’s the catch, we’re so quick to jump into the leadership pool without learning how to swim.  “Lead Yourself First” will teach you 3 ways to increase your leadership influence . . . BEFORE . . . you ever start leading.  Are you ready to dive in?

#2 – Know Your Mission 

Jesus knew his mission and he spent every day of his life accomplishing the mission that his Father sent him to do . . . but when Jesus was done his mission on the cross He said, “It’s YOUR turn.”  Do you wake up every day with a clear sense of mission and purpose?  In today’s lesson we learn a 3-step process to discovering your God-given mission!

#3 – Bless Your Team 

Everybody knows that working together as a team is better than working alone, but we’ve all been hurt, disappointed, or let down by a team somewhere along the way – so we’re tempted to isolate, dominate, or do it alone.  Today’s lesson will teach us “5 ways to BLESS your Team” straight from the ministry of Jesus.

You’ll never go FAR if you go ALONE.

#4 – Love Your Neighbor 

Jesus changed the Leadership game with 3 words . . . LOVE . . . YOUR . . . NEIGHBOR.  Yep, somehow the entire law of Moses was summarized with God’s love flowing through you and to your neighbor.  But the problem isn’t knowing what to do – the problem is actually doing it.  Today’s lesson will show you “5 Ways to Love Your Neighbor” every day.

#5 – Answer Your Critics 

Jesus faced more criticism than any other leader in all of history, but he taught us how to handle it well.  Using the principles of Jesus and the wisdom from his brother James, we’ll discover how to “Give and Receive Criticism” in the right way.  This is definitely a lesson you want to hear . . . unless criticism never hurts your feelings, you have NO relational drama, and you’re a PRO at handling tough conversations.  So . . . let’s dive in!

#6 – Guard Your Heart 

Do you ever struggle with Pride, Worry, or Greed?  For most of us the answer is YES.   Jesus knew these emotions would destroy our influence as a Leader so he told us a story in Luke 12 called the “Parable of the Rich Fool” that will help us replace the enemies of our heart with Gratefulness, Faithfulness, and Generosity.  If you want to be a Leader for the long-haul you’ve got to learn how to “Guard Your Heart.”  

#7 – Talk to Your Boss 

Do you know what Jesus did every day?  He PRAYED.  He didn’t do anything, say anything, or go anywhere without checking with his Father.  After watching his example for quite some time, his disciples said, “Lord, teach us to Pray!”  In today’s Parable found in Luke 11 we discover some surprising truths about prayer that will change your everyday life.  The truth is – you’ll never have the power of God without the practice of prayer! 

#8 – Do Your Job 

In our final lesson on leadership, we dive into the last few hours of Jesus with his disciples and his Father.  What would Jesus say in that moment?  How would he inspire his followers to continue the mission on the other side of the cross?  What would Jesus teach his disciples about finishing strong?  Don’t miss the powerful conclusion on Leading Like Jesus.   SPOILER ALERT:  Jesus is the “Guest Teacher” for our final lesson.

Bonus Lesson – Lead Your Family 

The hardest place you’ll ever lead is at HOME.  So often, the blessing of marriage and family is overcome by the tension of relationships, schedules, finances, and the challenges of daily life.  But there’s hope!  The scriptures have a lot to say about marriage, parenting, and family.  That’s why we wrote a bonus lesson called “7 Ways to Lead Your Family” to finish out our discussion on Leadership.  With God’s help, you can do this!




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J. Huffman

J. Huffman

J. Huffman

Founding Director @ MANUP

J. Huffman is the founding director and pastor @ MANUP.  He started MANUP here in Austin in 2013 after serving as a youth pastor for 20 years in Georgia, Tennessee, and Texas.  He’s been married to his wife Rebecca for 25 years and has 2 kids in college – a son at Texas State, and a daughter at UT.  J. has a passion to connect every man possible with God and other men.

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