Lead with Courage

Taught By
:  J. Huffman


Let’s be honest – sometimes we’re afraid.  We don’t talk about it, don’t show it, and definitely don’t let others know it.  But we’re afraid!  The pressures of leading a family, a business, a team, or anything else starts to weigh on us as men – but there’s hope.

Gideon was a normal Jewish man who lived under the brutal oppression of the Midianites – UNTIL he encountered the presence and power of Jehovah God.  Once Gideon embraced his God-given identity as a “mighty hero”, he led his band of 300 men to a courageous victory!  MANUP Gideon will reveal the limiting lies you’ve chosen to believe, and replace them with the spiritual truth that sets you free.  Are you ready to Lead with Courage?

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Session # 1 : Cry Out

Session # 2 : Destroy the Lie

Session # 3 : Believe the Truth

Session # 4 : Fight Like Hell

Session # 5 : Finish Strong

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