Fight Club

Together we can WIN.

Taught By
:  J. Huffman

Fight Club

Life isn’t easy – doing it alone is impossible!  FIGHT CLUB : Overcoming the Top 5 Struggles of a Man is a 5-week MANUP series that will empower you to win against Isolation, Fear, Anger, Temptation, and Regret.  Based on 25 years of pastoring and over 4,000 personal coaching sessions – FIGHT CLUB addresses the issues that have defeated us the most.  But there’s HOPE.

Together we can WIN!


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Session # 1 : Overcoming Isolation

Session # 2 : Overcoming Fear

Session # 3 : Overcoming Anger

Session # 4 : Overcoming Temptation

Session # 5 : Overcoming Regret

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