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6-week Series on the Life of Joseph.

#BLESSED is a 6-week MANUP series on the life of Joseph starting Sept. 6th.  Joseph had it all – wisdom, favor, good looks, and a fabulous coat!  But that’s not what made him blessed.

BLESSED isn’t what you HAVE – it’s who you ARE.

Joseph was a man blessed by God with humility, patience, honesty, gratefulness, and faithfulness.  And he leveraged his blessing to bless everyone around him – from the prison to the palace.  #BLESSED is a 6-week journey to becoming a man of blessing!

Are you ready to be #BLESSED?

Session # 1 : Be Blessed

Session # 2 : Be Humble

Session # 3 : Be Patient

Session # 4 : Be Filled

Session # 5 : Be Grateful

Bonus Lesson : 5 Ways to Bless Everyday

Session # 6 : Be Faithful

MANUP is a non-profit that is solely supported by your generous gifts.

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