Best Year Ever

4-Part Series

Teacher:  J. Huffman



Best Year Ever

Best Year Ever is a 4 step process to changing your life – one choice at a time.  Using the 7 questions for making better decisions . . . you’ll learn how to take control of your time, money, and health.  Using the scriptures as your guide – this year can truly be your Best Year Ever.

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Lesson #1

7 Questions 

This year will be the same as last year – unless you do something different.  Today’s lesson will equip you with 7 Questions that will become the filter for everything you do.  The truth is that your BEST YEAR EVER will happen ONE CHOICE at a time.  Are you ready? 

Let’s Go . . .

Lesson #2

Redeeming the Time 

Time is the most valuable thing that you have and it you can either waste it or invest it.  So often we’re controlled by the calendar of the urgent rather than being “in control” of the days we’ve been given by God.  This lesson will empower you to REDEEM (or take back) the control of your time and use it to bless others and glorify God.

Lesson #3

Be Generous 

Blessing is FROM God and FOR others, and in today’s lesson we learn how to manage the resources that God has blessed us with.  The mystery of Generosity is that the more you give – the more you receive.  It’s a supernatural cycle of blessing, giving, receiving, and praising God for it all.  If you’re ready to experience a harvest of blessing . . . this lesson is for you!

Lesson #4

Check Your Health 

What part of your body does God care about?  EVERY part.  The scriptures tell us to love God will all our heart, all our soul, all our mind, and all our strength – that means that EVERY thing is spiritual and EVERY part matters.  Today’s lesson will equip you with 7 Checkpoints to living a healthy life.

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