We share spiritual truth in everyday places.

We share spiritual truth in everyday places.

LifePastor is a missional movement based in Austin TX.  We meet in homes, schools, businesses, and community spaces for spiritual teaching and personal coaching.  Jesus said to “Take the Kingdom NEAR” – so we are.

LifePastor is a nonprofit that is solely supported by your generous gifts.

J. Huffman

Founder, LifePastor

One Million People.

ONE MILLION PEOPLE in Austin TX have no personal connection to God, and only 20% of our city will attend church this weekend – we are NOT OK with that reality.  Austin TX is full of fabulous people, but the truth is that most of us still wrestle with fear, doubt, and questions about life.  Jesus said, “when you know the truth – the truth will set you free.”  We’re taking God’s truth into everyday places.

Group Teaching

Lifepastor offers spiritual teaching for men, couples, churches, and business teams.  Our group lessons help you know and apply spiritual truth to your everyday life.


Personal Coaching

 Our 1-1 coaching sessions are confidential, practical, and hopeful.  We meet you right where you are with no judgment, no barriers, and no churchy language.  Are you ready to chat?

Online Resources

Life happens on-line and so does LifePastor.  We create and share life-changing lessons, blogs, podcasts, videos, and more.  Use the link below to listen, learn, and share with others.

Thanks to our Generous Donors we have hosted…

Weekend Retreats

Teaching Groups

Coaching Sessions

We have a Message.

Our message of Life is personal, practical, and hopeful.  Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life and no one finds life outside of me.”  Wow – that means that one million people in our city have no idea what life is all about.  Our mission at LifePastor is to help you know, love, and follow Jesus in every area of your life.

Know Jesus

Our primary mission at LifePastor is to introduce our city to the person and work of Jesus.  Life starts with Knowing Jesus but most of us have never truly met the Jesus of the Bible – the Jesus who loves, forgives, and knows you by name.

Love Jesus

Jesus said to “love God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength and to love your neighbor as yourself” – but you can’t do it alone.  When we learn to love Jesus together, we discover that his love overflows to every area of our life.

Follow Jesus

The peak of spiritual formation isn’t more knowing it’s more following.  Jesus told his disciples to “follow me” and he’s calling us to do the very same.  Together we’ll learn the spiritual rhythms of scripture, prayer, & community.

Jesus said, "Take the Kingdom NEAR."

"Jesus saw the crowd and was MOVED."

"Jesus came to bring life to the FULL."


LifePastor introduced me to a Jesus that I had never met before.

Darryl Traweek

Senior VP, RBC Bank

LifePastor helped me leverage my influence to make a difference.

Eric Hehman

CEO, Austin Asset

Thanks to LifePastor – Jesus will always be the center of my Life.

Holly Stanger

NP, Premier Health

LifePastor is a nonprofit that is solely supported by your generous gifts.

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