10 Days with Jesus – Day 8

by | Apr 14, 2017

Good Friday?  What’s so good about 6 unjust trials throughout the night?  What’s so good about betrayal from the inside?  What’s so good about the Christ on a cross?  What’s so good about watching your friends scatter?  Your mother suffer?  Your FATHER turn His back? 

What’s so good about Good Friday?

The truth of the Gospel is that we could never be good enough to stand in the presence of a perfect God.  Only Jesus could pull that off.  Only a perfect person could take the place of the guilty.  Only a living sacrifice could produce an eternal reward.  Jesus is the ONLY solution and the ONLY way to God his Father.

10 Days with Jesus is an online journey that will immerse you into the final days of Jesus the Messiah.  One thing is for sure, if you spend 10 Days with Jesus – you’ll never be the same again!

Jesus is GOOD NEWS.

Good God.

Once upon a time . . . actually at the beginning of all time . . . there was a Good God.  I mean really good, as in there was no bad in him at all.  No evil.  No wrong.  No coulda, shoulda, woulda in his timeline.  His rap-sheet didn’t have a single blemish and it never would.  It would be forever spotless.  Blameless.  Perfect.

This Good God was actually PERFECT – that’s what made him God.  

(If you were perfect – we’d call you God.  But you’re not.  Neither am I.)

And before the beginning of all time.  Before the sun blazed and the moon glowed, before the oceans swirled and the mountains towered, before the grass swayed it’s praises and the trees raised their hands to heaven . . .

But this Good God was different – is different – from any other god you may have ever seen or heard about.  This God was unique at the very core of Himself.  This God was actually a supernatural, unexplainable, indivisible compilation of 3 distinct natures – all part of ONE GOD

This God existed in perfect harmony with himself as
God the Father – God the Son – and God the Spirit. 

He wasn’t lonely.  Or bored.  Or trying to find Himself.  In fact – it was quite the opposite.  God was joyful, and content, and full of love.  God had himself and HE WAS ENOUGH.   But love always wants to share itself with others, and God wanted to share himself with something.  But there was nothing.  There was nothing to share himself with.  So God created something to share in his love, his creativity, and his magnitude.  Something Good.

The Good God was about to CREATE something GOOD.   

The torrent of Creation began with a WORD – God spoke and it happened.  Each part of His unique creation would begin to take shape.  Each part would joyfully enter the stage of time and accept their role in the good story of the Good God.  And at the end of each day . . . the Good God would speak one single word over his creation . . . GOOD.


It’s ALL Good.

And with the dawn of each new day, God would resume his good work of creating a good place for a good purpose.  His purpose.  His plan. 

And on the pinnacle day of the whole creation story (Day 6) – God created his favorite of all created things.  God created MAN.  Man was the only work of Creation that was created “In the Image of God.”   Man would have a unique responsibility in this good place, and therefore a unique relationship with God himself.  And when God the Father looked down on his special creation of man, He spoke these words over Adam . . . VERY GOOD.

This new creation – this prized possession of God the Father – was placed by God himself into a Good Garden.  A Garden named Eden, the Hebrew word for “Pleasure.”  This story is sounding pretty good, and it was good.  In fact – it was ALL GOOD.  There wasn’t a single thing wrong with the whole world.  No anger.  No jealously.  No depression.  No addiction.  NO thing was wrong at all. 

God had Created a world that was ALL GOOD.


That’s NOT Good.

But it didn’t stay that way for long.  Man didn’t follow the Good Plan laid out by the Good Father.  The first one of us thought he knew better than the Creator of us.  And before we join the Throw-Adam-Under-The-Bus Club . . . we should know that we’re no different than Adam.  We should remember that we violate our own code of Good and Evil every single day. 

Adam did what we would do.  His story is our story.

So right there in front of God and everybody . . . Man did his own thing.  He turned his back on the Good God – God the Father – God the Creator . . . and chased a lie.  A lie that told him he was good enough.  A lie we still believe.

And for the first time since time began, the Good God said . . . This is Not Good.”


The Good Plan.

But God the Father wasn’t OK with being separated from his creation.  After all, the whole reason for creation in the first place, was to have a special relationship between God and man.  A relationship that overflowed with love – not shame.  So, God came looking for Adam.  God came NEAR.

God entered the middle of “Not Good” with a “Good Plan.”

God the Father entered the once-perfect garden in search of the once-perfect man.  No Good Father could ever turn his back on his creation.  This was His chance to make things right.  This was His opportunity to show man how much he loved him. 

The Garden of Eden was the beginning of the Easter Story.

God moved towards Adam for the sole purpose of redeeming him, not punishing him.  Don’t get me wrong – punishment would be required.  No Good God could allow evil to exist without enacting his wrath upon it.  No Good God would stand by idly and watch his creation struggle with no solution.  No Good God could possibly turn his back on what was right in front of Him.

Adam was lost in his SIN but God offered him SALVATION.  Right in front of the bushes where Adam had been hiding . . . God performed the very first payment for evil.  God the Father took the life on an innocent lamb as the payment for Adam’s sin.  This would be the first of many payments.  Jesus would be the last.

The innocent had been slain for the guilty – the Good Plan of God had begun.  

Centuries later . . . the promised Messiah would take his place on that once-for-all-altar called Calvary and offer himself as the final payment for the sin of all mankind.  Not just Adam’s sin but yours.  And mine.

On that dark Friday that we call Good . . . Jesus became the Lamb of God that took away the sins of the world.  That’s why it’s called Good Friday!!

Romans 5:8-15
While we were still sinning – Christ died for us.  For the sin of this one man, Adam, brought death to many.  But even greater is God’s wonderful grace and his gift of forgiveness to many through this other man, Jesus Christ.”


Good News.

The good news of Good Friday is Jesus.   He is the Lamb of God.  The payment for our sin.  The one and only way to the Father.  The one who forgives.  The ONE who gave his life so that you could have life eternal.

Jesus Said . . .
For God loved the world so much that he game his one and only Son (Jesus), so that everyone who believes in him will not perish but have eternal life.”


How about You?

  • Do you believe the Good News of Jesus?
  • Have you received the Good News of Jesus?
  • Have you shared the Good News of Jesus?





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