10 Days with Jesus – Day 2

by | Apr 8, 2017

Jesus was on the way to the biggest job he had ever tackled – the job of Saving the World.  The whole world was waiting for the Messiah to come – and He was on his way!  But not quite yet . . .

10 Days with Jesus is an online experience that will immerse you into the final days of Jesus the Messiah.  One thing is for sure, If you spend spend 10 Days with Jesus – you’ll never be the same again!

Jesus came to Give Us Sight.

On the Road Again.

Jesus and the disciples were on their way to celebrate the Passover in Jerusalem, yet His closest followers still didn’t see that they were walking with “The Lamb of God.”  The promise of God was right next to them and they still didn’t see it. 

Sound familiar?  Haven’t we all floundered in our mess while we ignore the Savior whose right in front of us?  Maybe God has been present all along, but we’ve refused to see Him.  The truth is that God came to Give Us Sight!

The processional continued to make it’s way from the wilderness . . . through Jericho . . . and on to Jerusalem.  Jesus was minutes away from opening their eyes.

Hold Up . . . Wait a Minute.

Just outside of town, when the caravan was just gaining momentum, the voice of a blind beggar rose above the noise of the crowd . . . Jesus, Son of David, have mercy on me.  ~  Mark 10:47

“Be Quiet!” was the instant reply of the In crowd.  They didn’t say it out loud, but we all know what the “Be Quiet” rebuke really meant . . . “Are you kidding me?  You’re the last person in the world who belongs in our party.  You’re an outsider.  A beggar.  A problem that we wish would go away!  ~  Mark 10:48

Mark 10:49 says, “When Jesus heard him, he stopped and said, ‘Tell him to come here.’”  Jesus stopped.  Really Jesus?  We’re on a mission.  We’re just gaining momentum.  Our crowd is growing.  Your approval ratings are off the charts.

Jesus Stopped.

The truth of those 2 words hits us square in the face.  We rarely stop.  We’re busy.  We’re movers and shakers.  We’re type A (or some of us AAA)!  We don’t need to stop and notice the ONE – we’re on our way to reach the MASSES.  But not Jesus . . .

On his way to Save the WORLD – Jesus stopped to save the ONE.

The Million $ Question.

Tell him to come here.” was the answer Jesus gave to the man – His answer to the problem.  By the way, He’s still answering our problems with the same 5 words, “Tell him to come here.”

We’re never too bad to come.  Never too far gone.  Never too messed up.  Never too dirty.  Jesus says . . . “Come to Me.”

So the blind man, named Bartimaeus, abandoned his stuff and shuffled his way towards the voice that said “Come.”  There he was – in all his messiness – standing in front of the holy Son of God.  What an encounter! 

It’s the ultimate showdown between the perfect God and the problem child.  What would Jesus do now?  Rebuke him for the sin that caused his blindness?  Give him a lecture about having more faith?  Tell him to clean up his stuff and meet me at church this Sunday?  Nope – Jesus asked him a simple question (Mark 10:51) . . .

“What do you want me to do for you?”

Well . . . let’s see . . . for starters . . . “I CAN’T SEE!”  (that’s how I would respond)  But the blind beggar that so desperately wanted healing said . . . “My Rabbi, I want to see!  He called him My Rabbi.  My teacher.  My rescuer.  My healer.  The irony is that the one person in the story who couldn’t see at all, was the only person in the story that could actually see Jesus for who He really was.  Jesus sees something that we often overlook . . .

Is Jesus MY ________?

Is Jesus MY savior?
Is He the Messiah that sees ME?
Knows ME?  Loves ME?
Just like I am – ME?

Jesus was showing his disciples that he loves the ME’s of the world. 

Watch This.

A blind man was about to get his sight.  Imagine opening your eyes for the first time ever, and seeing the Savior of the world standing right in front of you?  Not a bad way to begin your first day of sight!  Jesus said to Bartimaeus . . .

Go, for your faith has healed you.”  Mark’s gospel tells us that, “Instantly the man could see, and he followed Jesus on the way.” (10:52)  Instantly.  Just like that . . . years of blindness, rejection, shame, and humiliation were gone.  The greek word “Sozo” that was translated “healed  in the passage above is the same word for “Salvation.”  The most literal explanation of that verse would say . . .

“Go, for your faith has SAVED you.”

My friend.  Jesus is standing right in front of YOU today and is asking YOU the very same question . . . “What do you want me to do for YOU?

And just like the blind beggar, Jesus can open YOUR eyes in an instant. He can, does, and will remove the years that have plagued you.  Years of wondering . . . if you’ll ever be good enough, if you’ll ever overcome this addiction, if she’ll ever come back to you, if God even sees you? 

Jesus has come to save you!  Do you see him?

How About You?

Do you feel like God has overlooked you?
Do you see people around you like Jesus sees them?
Will you ask God to open your eyes today?




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  1. Mark Lehman

    J. – this is an outstanding Blog message for everyone to hear a week before Easter. It is so powerful in its raw simplicity.


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